Sou Bento 02Trip mates: choose well. Choose the right guy to magically reduce the chances of disappointment. The friend who cracks jokes during funerals might not be the best option for a euro trip or a shopping spree in Miami. Have in mind the person you hold dear and imagine how it would be to stay day and night beside him from now on. Got it? Now, tell your self: yey or nay?

Trip mates: are they mates? I might sound too cliquey, but a trip with friends can’t include others – and it doesn’t matter if he is your sibling, neighbor or third party friend: be aware about third party inclusions. Including isn’t good for who includes, who allows the inclusion and neither for those who are included – don’t ever be the included one.

Know what kind of trip is about to be done. Every trip offers a fertile field of possibilities. Think about real probabilities and spread them on the table: are we talking about cultural Europe, gastronomical Europe or economical Europe? Discuss intentions and personal desires, but remember to stick to what is similar. The wish of traveling together shouldn’t outweigh different expectations.

And do it again. Now it’s time to remember that even inside common ground there might be differences. Talk about what kind of food you want to have, what kind of restaurants you want to go to, what time you intend to get up, which attractions you intend to visit, and what kind of hotel you want to stay in. Don’t wait to find out in loco how alike you really are.

Money matters. Arguments are usually motivated by topics related to money, specially when we are reaching the end of the trip. Some questions must be asked the sooner the better, such as how much is intended to be spent in lodging, food, and fun, as well as which expenses will be shared, and which will be personal. Avoid spending friends’ money, but, if it happens, remeber to pasapo: to pay as soon as possible, ok?

Communication works. You don’t have to become an opinion machine, or a police chief during a long lasting interrogation, but is it too much to say that the place is beautiful, the day is pleasant, and the food is delicious? On the other hand, be aware that too much can also affect others negatively: I understand and share your pain, but, seriously, being a broken record won’t heal scoliosis.

Be an ally, count on each other. Be ready to help, give in, share. After some hours in the queue, why don’t you offer to bring everybody some water? Small deeds of kindness are contagious and spread faster than flu. Wait less and offer more: you are essential for the other’s trip to be as successful as your own. Oh, that’s good to keep in mind: always know where the insurance policy number of your trip mates are, this could come in handy.

If you share responsibilities, share the guilt. There are people with higher or lower leadership spirit, get used to the reality as soon as possible and face the positive aspects of it, whether you’re a leader or a follower. Any way, remember not to take responsibilities for the success or failure of the trip: everyone is on the same boat, and you are not the captain. Since anyone can leave booking proofs, keys, and receipts behind, the fault is also of whoever trusted responsibilities to others.

Be committed. If you scheduled it, show up. 5:30 is not 5:35. Small delays may become huge riots. Remember that trains, flights, plays and sightseeing tours have undeniable schedules. Missing any of those will create the most annoying of the needs: to point someone responsible.

Being hand in glove is so last season. Enjoy your individuality and allow the others to enjoy theirs. Know that no matter how much you love the ones around you, at some point everyone will hate you, even if for a short period of time. Keep in mind you don’t need to go into the same shops or take the same pictures, make use of your individuality: with the advent of texting or the meeting place and time, you can allow yourself the luxury of enjoying what you wish in the best possible time: yours.

This is a guilt-free translation of the original Como viajar acompanhado sem destruir velhas amizades. Rodei is a Portuguese written blog with some English written charm. To know more about the blog, please visit


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